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The Basic Rules of Play:

1) All participants use ONLY airsoft guns in their games.

2) All participants MUST wear eye protection! This is for legal/insurance reasons and cannot be avoided. Anyone who continues to be a problem in terms of wearing eye protection during the game will be banned from playing with the group. Nobody wants to be responsible for shooting someone’s eye out. If the mask is fogging or needed to be cleaned during a game, crouch or lay on the ground with the face as close to the floor as possible and quickly clean the goggles.

3) If you're uncertain about whether being already hit or not during the gameplay the benefit of the doubt is considered and the player must count himself or herself KILLED, eliminating silly arguments during a game. Whenever some player is hit during the game, he or she must call out “HIT!” and walk to the designated safe-zone with the weapon held high over the head with both hands. Be always sure to do so, so other players make sure that the killed player isn't still in the game.
A player that repeatedly causes problems with calling himself out should not be allowed to play any more.

Game Responsibilities

A. Field Conduct

I. Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players one must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit. As such, it is each players responsibility to maintain a proper attitude toward all other players. Any player guilty of un-sportsmanlike conduct, including yelling(the bad way), obscene behavior, cursing, or disrupting play can be suspended from play.

II. If another player is seen getting hit and did not feel or hear it, do not yell at him. Just indicate to him the specific area that he or she has been seen hit by a BB. If the hit player is not responsive to the indication and a second player also saw the hit, the player should respond with "I second that hit." Upon hearing this, the indicated hit player must call himself out immediately. If the player is still not responsive, "Parley" must be called and followed.

III. If a teammate gets hit, and he or she did not feel it, inform him of the hit so he or she can call himself or herself out.

IV. Any form of physical altercation (i.e.fighting) will not be tolerated. If a player is ever involved in a fight, he will be suspended from „Europe in Flames“.

V. Do not intentionally block or provide cover for teammates after being hit.

VI. Eliminated players are forbidden to communicate with those who are still playing. This includes giving supplies (gas, BB's, etc.) to them.

B. Hits

I. Any hit to any part of the body counts as a kill (including camel baks, etc).

II. Hits to the gun do NOT count as a kill for most cases. If your weapon gets hit, you can NOT use your gun for 5 minutes

III. Friendly fire counts as well! If you're hit by a fellow teammate, it is considered as a KILL.

IV. When two players engage each other in combat (whether at a distance or in close quarters), and both players get hit, both players are out regardless of who said "hit" first.

V. Rubber knife hits count as a kill (this includes being hit by a thrown rubber knife).

VI. Ricochets do NOT count.

C. Once a Player Is Hit

I. Immediately yell "hit" as loud as all the players can hear while raising both hands/gun in the air and STAY where you are. It is highly recommended to have a red rag that a killed player can place on his or her head as he/she leaves the field to indicate a kill.

II. Do not shoot after being hit, while leaving the field or as a spectator.

III. In some cases other behaviors (i.e. playing dead, standing in place, etc.) will be agreed upon before a game starts. In these cases, observe the appropriate conduct diligently.

D. Surrender

I. Surrendering is optional, but it is highly encouraged to ask for a surrender when a player is within 5-10 feet away from the other participant and his or her back is turned toward the offender, or under similar situations. Please treat others with RESPECT.

E. Parley

I. If there is ever a dispute during play, call "Parley." Once this is called, both parties must immediately exit the field to reach an amicable resolution.

Other Rules of Play:

Safe Zone

The Safe-Zone allows you to remove your eye-protection safely, have a break, a drink and of course, reload. NO shooting, NO Magazin in gun, safety ON

Medic Rules

When players get shot, they stay where they are, and call for 'Medic'. A ‘medic is a player who can revive the player who has been hit. The medic will get 50 small cards from us. The player who got hit, has to pull 2 cards from the medic. The front of the first card will show the injuries the player has, the back of the second card will show the treatment.
If it takes more than 10min for a medic to get there the player can surrender, BUT he will have to go to the respawn point.

Capture the Flag:

- Flag placement:
Each team's flag must be placed at the home base, and has to be easily visible from 360 degrees. The flag may not be tied tightly or otherwise secured.

- Stealing a flag:
A player may „steal“ the enemy's flag by removing it from their base.

- Carrying a flag:
While carrying a flag, at least half the flag must remain visible (a player cannot hide it in his/her pocket.) If the player is shot while carrying a flag, the flag has to be dropped on the ground where he/she was shot. The player may also choose to drop the flag at any time by his own free will (although you may not throw the flag to another player, simply lay it on the ground.)

- Dropped flags:
A dropped flag may be picked up by any team. If it is picked up by a member of its owning team, the flag must be returned to the base.

- To capture a flag:
To capture the enemy's flag, the opposing player must deliver it to his/her own base and place it alongside his/her own team's flag. If the flag is not currently at his/her own base, the game is still not over.

Hostage Rescue:

- Hostages:
The four hostages are represented by helium-filled balloons on strings, with weights attached to the bottoms. A hostage is considered dead if the balloon is shot. Prior to the start of the game, the Rebell team may hide the four hostages anywhere in their base (either all together or split up).

- Rescuing a hostage:
To rescue a hostage, a player must carry the balloon to his own base. Hostages must be carried in a players hand(s), the weight may not be placed in a pocket, the string may not be attached to the rescuer's body. Each player may only carry at most ONE hostage at a time.
Once a hostage has been delivered to the home base, the hostage is considered rescued and cannot be killed.

- Draw Games:
If two hostages have been rescued, and the other two remain alive and captive at the end of the time limit, the game is considered a draw.

Physical contact:
All physical contact is prohibited, violators will be removed from the game. No refund!

In-Game sleeping:
Wear you goggles at all times


Smoking in Camp:
Smoking in camp is allowed, but don´t forget that a cigarette can be seen very good at night time

We have hired real actors that also work for the real Military on Rotation, so they are used to it. You can search actor civilians at any time, you can search them like the real deal, BUT if the actor says stop you have to STOP.
If you tell him „SEARCH“ he will empty out everything he has, they will not try to hide things, but beeing friendly might be better. They have to show you what they have, but it´s up to them to tell you what they want. Like Secrets ;-)
NO bondage of any kind.

FPS Rules:

1. -370fps 5m Full auto Pistols
2. -430fps 10m Full auto
3. -500fps 15m Full auto
4. -570fps 30m Single only Sniper

No alu, steel or glass BB´s
Only LOW and MID Caps. NO High Caps. MAX 800BB´s
Machine Gunners 3000BB´s

Airstrikes and Ary:
Only the EiF-Crew calls them in, you know when you got hit ;-)

We will supply Anti-Vehicle-Guns. If a vehicle is hit, all troops inside are dead and the vehicle has to be repared on the spot, 2 people have to guard it for 10min, than it is operational again.
Max. speed for own vehicles is 20kmh, own vehicles have to return to base when they're hit, with a red flag indictating that they are hit. 10min respawn.

There are videos online where everything is described and explained, too.
We try to keep it simple, the most important thing is to have your gun legal and straight and know the hit rules. The rest almost works like in the Military!


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