28 Months Later marks Mind Game Productions Last Event Ever….Until after 12/21/12

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Players from as far south as Miami and as far west as Tampa (or the ocean, yes) joined together in Ocala, Fl for Mind Game Productions final event for the Human Kind. 28 Months Later is the latest in Legacy Events hosted by MGP as a way to introduce 16-18 year old players into an organized airsoft event. There was the usual twist however, as players were grouped into 8-10 person squads, given limited ammo, and forced to fend for themselves amongst the woods and towns that form Wanye's World of Paintball.

During each scenario, two squads were designated as the starting zombies given the task of infecting the remaining human teams. Once a player was touched by a zombie, he would drop his gear at staging, and return to the field of battle as a “rage” infect zombie (from the 28 Days/28 Weeks Later movie franchise.) These zombies were not your typical zombies you might see at a zombie “walk”, as “rage” courses through their blood. These were the type of zombies that would charge head first into anything they perceived as food, and would even be a little tactical about it (yes, tactical zombies…watch the video.)

The first scenario found the SOG and War Dogs (both of the Sheepdogs Milsim Team.) held up in the pyramid, until time ran out. The second go around forced SOG and the Westboro Baptist Church to work together in order to pull together their medical supplies. I have a feeling there was double crossing in mind, however time expired and that drama never unfolded. The final scenario found the War Dogs and Stampede Airsoft battling it out in sinker town against one another, while the remaining teams succumbed to the zombie hoard. The War Dogs caved, being attacked on two fronts by humans and zombies, which left Stampede Airsoft to book it into the city, were the overwhelming zombie force over took them in an epic run and gun.

Mind Game Productions welcomed on board Stampede Airsoft (find them on Facebook) as a new vendor for the 2013 season. Toy Soldiers Sports has recently suffered a fire at their store and have not been available. Stampede Airsoft raffled off apparel from Costa Ludous as well as a G&G MP5 EBB. The lucky winners were announced at the lunch break, and video will follow.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the 2013 schedule, as many of you are already anticipating Amerika 3 and are fully aware of Operation Varsity in Dunnellon, Fl. There are many more events and Operations coming that you will NOT want to miss.


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