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Militairès Sans Frontières (Soldiers Without Borders) is a team primarily based out of Toronto and immediate surrounding areas. Founded in late 2010 and structured as a PMC mil-sim group. The team was formed out of a necessity to create a more competitive and fun community in the Toronto region.

We strive to have a consistent presence at local games and major mil-sim events in the province. Our team plays regularly at CQB tactical, Defcon, TTAC3, Sgt. Splatters, UA as well as any of the other major out of town mil-sim games ex) OP Rhino, Jaguar Kings, OP Hotbox, OP Deadfall, OP Athena, PRZ Picton zombies etc.

Team MSF has a diverse group of players of all types of backgrounds ranging from ages 20-28 from Canada, England, Germany and China. Currently our roster stands at 10 regular players.

Members are expected to maintain fitness standards, undergo multiple training sessions both practical and informal, meet gear alignment requirements along with maintaining a level of commitment to the team and its members. Each individual on the team brings their own set of unique skill sets and assets to the table to form a cohesive, combat effective group.

We all strive to help each individual get the most out of their airsoft experience and have fun as well. Our team environment is one based off of mutual respect and trust. With the goal and purpose of helping every member get better. Everyone is expected to pull their weight, contribute to individual and overall team success and share in the responsibilities for achieving the mission. We value players who can put the mission and team first. Our standard is to always lead by example as a disciplined, mature, intelligent, dependable group with integrity.

Training is done extensively and thoroughly on a wide variety of applicable knowledge, skills, tactics, techniques and procedures individually, within a fire team and as a full force. Players are trained in surgical shooting, weapons manipulation, CQB tactics, field craft, communications, patrolling and reconnaissance.

Our main mission is to provide a force capable of rendering armed assistance where needed most. To be a group that stays sharp and maintains a high level of readiness at all times.

Our team is expected to be able to carry out a wide variety of tasks in all types of environments. MSF has the ability to engage in full-spectrum operations. From direct action, reconnaissance and intel gathering, area/facility/personnel security services, facilitated and joint co-op team training, hostage rescue, mission consultation and support.

In order to be adaptable in all environments from urban to woodland and CQB settings. We continuously seek out innovative strategic solutions on the most effective military practices, technology, training and equipment to accomplish our missions and objectives.

We are not actively recruiting at the moment however if we think you would be a welcomed addition and asset to the team there may be an exception made.

On behalf of all of our players we will see you on the field!

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