TAGINN Production at BlackShip events (USA)

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Blacksheep MILSIM formally announces approval for use of Airsoft Pyrotechnics products at all our events.

Blacksheep MILSIM is always looking for products and listening to players on how we can improve not only our games but MILSIM as a sport. Airsoft Pyrotecnics products fill a missing component to MILSIM - DEADSPACE is no longer dead. The TAGinn 40mm M203 round gives the MILSIM Grenadier a real role! We like their safe replication of real warfare ordnance.

Blacksheep6 personally tested these products at one of our events – taking two direct hits at 20 feet with no body protection. Safety is RULE #1 at Blacksheep and Blacksheep6 has deemed their products safe for use at our events.

Here are the Rules of Engagement for the TAGinn 40mm M203 – 100 feet minimum engagement distance, NO direct fire at personnel and NO indoor use. The TAGinn round may be fired from a building or into a building, but no room to room indoor use is authorized.

"Airsoft Pyrotechnics has added the missing but important component of MILSIM - 40mm grenades. We have used 40mm launchers as a shotgun component before, but now it is a fully functional long range personal grenade launcher. You may use different types of the ammo and this is great! We know that many event and field owners are banning those grenades and projectiles, but we believe that they will understand its role as a game changer." - John Bucciarelli, Blacksheep6

This decision is based solely on improving the game; we only promote safe and quality products! Period! We encourage you to look into TAGinn products at www.airsoftpyrotechnics.com/, check out their product videos and you will come to understand that these products will have an amazing impact during our games.


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