Review: 5.11 Tactical Trainers 2.0

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Creation date November 04, 2014
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I’ve been to several Airsoft skirmish sites which don’t allow you to play while wearing trainers or sneakers. And it’s understandable since many sites are in such derelict states that they might pose a high risk of injury to anyone not wearing proper footwear. However, during hot days if you don’t have a pair of boots that are breathable, or if you want to run light without having to walk and run wearing boots that are heavy and sometimes restrict your ankle movements, what can your wear that doesn’t compromise in terms of comfort and protection to your feet? Well, I believe you still don’t need to wear a pair of boots if you don’t want to, and I’ve discovered this just after I started wearing a pair of Tactical Trainers. It seems that we can wear trainers and still have some features that I thought were only exclusive to tactical boots. Continue to read Read More:


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