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The Save Phace Grunt Anti-Fog Goggles is yet another excellent product made by Save Phace, an industry leader and innovator for eye protection. These goggles incorporate Save Phace's new Thermal Lens technology and guarantees that these goggles will not fog. After we spent some time with the goggles ourselves, we found some ingenious designs that help prevent fogging. Most goggles we see create a complete air seal. This complete air seal builds up heat and moisture, thus causing fogging. The lens on these goggles do not create a complete seal with the goggle frame. Look at the goggles from the top and you'll see this separation between the lens and the goggle frame. This gap allows for incredibly great airflow, thus preventing fog from building up. Don't worry though, the gap isn't large enough for an airsoft BB to pass through. Integrated with the goggles themselves is a goggle lens protector cloth. This cloth is a very convenient feature, because you no longer have to worry about losing it. Slide the cloth to the back of your head when not in use and you'll forget it's even there.

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