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SAC C25 Silicone Fluids is highly effective lubricant, For the seals and cylinder internal of Airsoft guns, rubber parts, components and model module lubrication.
Characteristic : Middle, eliminating rusting and corrosion, suitable for high-pressured low temperature, resistance to cold highly water repellent, chemical stability.

SAC C25 Series is a range of proprietary dimethyl polysiloxanes. Available in a series of standard viscosities that range from 50 to 12,500 centistokes, depending on the molecular weight of the diemthyl polysiloxane.
C25 resistant to diluted acids and bases and are generally noncorrosive to metals, rubbers and most plastics.

Apply to :

- Electric and insulation fluids
- Plastic lubrication fluids
- Plastic Toys & Airsoft lubrication
- Polishing additives
- Releasing agents
- Anti-foams
- Water repellent compounds
- Resin modification


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