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Please introduce yourself

1. I am Michael Hou, Business Development Manager for KWA Performance Industries, Inc.

Please introduce the brand

2. KWA is committed to designing and manufacturing airsoft products for the purpose of training and military simulation. Our focus is to blend realism, reliability, and the latest technologies to ensure our products have the best performance.

Are you a airsoft player?

3. I am absolutely an airsoft player! Our staff actively plays, which gives us an excuse to field test the latest products and prototypes ;)

What is the company desition to participate in the airsoft industry

4. KWA has always been passionate towards producing airsoft products for training.

Do you consider your products of high quality stardards?

5. Absolutely. We work to ensure quality products are delivered to our customers. Our warranty and customer service team for the United States are also passionate in helping customers have the best experience with our products.

What type of profile players do you waiting for your products?

6. Since we actively play, we understand the frustration that players have when their products are not working properly. This drives us to develop products for players and collectors who want reliable and realistic products.

The company have interest to develop the market in South America?

7. We absolutely have an interest in South America. We are actively expanding our production capacity to meet the demand worldwide.

And Spain?

8. The entire European territory, including Spain, is under our exclusive distributor Defiance Airsoft.

Do you consider the Latin America market are different about North America?

9. The market within Latin America is very similar to the United States. Players in both regions desire high quality products that will provide an advantage over the competition.

see the full interview here: www.airsoft-bb.com/airsoftbb/2013/01/interview-to-kwa-whats-coming-up/


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