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Killa is the newest addition to the Operator7?s team of editors.
He has worked with us before as a guest reviewer making several outstanding reviews and is now helping us to make Operator7 a reference in the Airsoft world.

Here's his profile:

Ricardo ” KILLA ” Silva,29 years,works as a private security guard.
Started playing Airsoft back in 2006 and is a member of Blood Ravens – Airsoft Team Portugal since 2007,
He was the creator and main editor of portuguese airsoft blog ATIRADOR (closed since mid 2012) and is a proud Magpul fanboy,

In his own words Airsoft is probably the best sport/hobby in the world and at the same time a great therapy to relieve stress,
and for a serious gun,gear and knife nut there is nothing better at least in Portugal, were his from.

As an Airsoft player Killa enjoys everything from the casual weekend skirmish to the more serious MilSim events,
if it's Airsoft he likes it and the same goes for guns and gear,over the years he bought and use several different
brands and models and he is regularly changing his loadout, for now as guns goes he is using:

Tokyo Marui – XDM .40 GBB
Magpul PTS/G&P – M4 MOE CARBINE (Dark Earth).
A&K – Magpul Masada (Officially Licensed by Magpul PTS) (Dark Earth).
ARES – M4A1 customized (Dark Earth).
Cyma – Dragunov SVD (AEG).

Expect some great content from Killa such as articles, reviews and much more, right here at Operator7!

If you want to contact Killa you can use his email: killa at operator7airsoft,com

Please join me welcoming Killa to the team!


rustyland_WD For,ca Ricardo! e' sempre bom ver um portugues neste meio!

5 years ago

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