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Real Action Paintball is proud to announce a creative new way to customize your dramatic new 468. Now with the 468 Trade Up Program - the only way to get a 468 for the next few months - you can have your new 468 custom engraved with your name, team name, or slogan...absolutely free. Teams can even have their logo engraved right on the receiver with qualifying orders!

The only way to acquire the amazing new 468 is to avail yourself of the 468 Trade Up Program, where you send us your RAP4 marker - any T68, of any size, and any generation - and we'll use its finest parts in building your custom 468. Keep your accessories at home, but upon receipt of your otherwise complete 468, we'll use your barrel, stock, and other choice parts to create a 468 with our brand new, industry-leading, mag-fed 468 receiver.

The 468 empowers you with the easy interchangeability of our pin-secured, two-part receiver that perfectly recreates the utility of the M16/M4's receiver. Set up your 468 to perfectly suit your style, and keep a second complete upper receiver ready and customized for different mission challenges. Then when it's time to adapt from CQB to a sniping or other role, you can completely change your 468 just by slipping out two receiver pins and swapping on your other upper receiver.

It's that easy to completely overhaul your marker in the field, without tools, to adapt to evolving conditions and varying missions.

The 468 is the most authentic M4/M16-inspired marker on the market, perfectly replicating the look, feels, ergonomics, and even the natural point of aim of military-issue arms. The magazine feed ensures that rounds are seated - and held - securely in the chamber at all times, without the ?battle rattle? of an unrealistic hopper...and so that each shot is ready for chop-free shooting the instant you need it. No more paint halfway in the chamber; no more dry firing when you need the first shot to count. The 468 delivers on each shot...every time.

And now, you can further customize your 468 with custom engraving right on the magazine well. Make it truly yours by having Real Action Paintball engrave your name, your team name, your slogan, or other text right on the receiver. Choose from four fonts, let us know what you want, and we'll make it happen.

Teams can even have their team logo engraved on their markers with any Trade Up Program trade of ten or more markers. Your opponents will fear the reliability, accuracy, and combat-effectiveness of your new 468...and you can give them even more to envy with this custom engraving!

Best of all: the engraving is free with your trade in...and so is the shipping for sending your complete 468 back to you! Just place and pay for your order with the Trade Up Program, ship us your marker, tell us what you want on the receiver, and we'll take care of - and pay for - building your 468, engraving it, and shipping it to you.

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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