Madbull “Delta P Design Brevis Barrel Extension”

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Madbull isnt giving us a chance to catch our breath, they just keep on launching these great products based on the real steel world.

This time around its a barrel extension, to be more accurate its the Delta P Design Brevis Barrel Extension:

Madbull licensed the Brevis 5.56 mm barrel extension because of its reputation as world class product and its unique sub-compact design. It's made of durable aluminum alloy with a matte finish. Its light-weight and easy-to-mount CCW threaded design make it perfect for short inner barrel extensions.

Here are the features of this barrel extension:

Licensed Trademarks
Stubby and compact
Solid one-piece construction
Matte finish
Perfect for short barrel extensions
Easy threaded CCW mount
For more information and photos visit Madbull‘s website.


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