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Real Action Paintball wants you to train like you're going to fight with our new 468, the most intense paintball marker available! We just took an operator up in a plane, strapped a 468 across his chest, and kicked him out the door over Southern California. He popped his chute and landed with precision, his 468 ready for battle.

Designed to replicate the look, feel, ergonomics, and operation of an M4 carbine, we also built our new 468 to be true to the M4's battle-hardened toughness. We regularly put production models through grueling field tests to ensure that they're tough as nails, accurate as lasers, and ready for anything, so that you can confidently train - or play - under intense real-world combat conditions with absolute faith in your 468. They've survived being dropped, buried in sand, thrown from moving vehicles, run over by SUVs...and of course, strapped to our airborne operator as he fell through the sky.

...and you'll notice how the 468 is visually indistinguishable from the M4 carbine. That's because our 468 uses a magazine-fed action, collapsible stocks just like on battle-issue rifles, and forearms that provide the same RIS accessory attachment points as military issue arms. That spring-powered magazine even holds your paint in the chamber under constant spring pressure for positive feeding from any angle...which also prevents chopping. Go ahead and fire it as fast as you like, with absolute confidence.

The 468 is a flattop twin of the M4, with a mil-spec accessory rail running the length of the receiver and connecting to the accessory rail atop the forearm. Three more accessory rails on the forearm allow you to attach lights and lasers, NVG gear and even grenade launchers! You can outfit your 468 for CQB, build the ultimate sniper platform, or strike a happy medium with just those accessories you absolutely need to carry.

Then you can outfit a second 468 upper receiver for a different style of mil-sim paintball, and when you need to adapt to the mission, you can swap out upper receivers...at the push of the two body pins that secure the two-piece receiver - just like a military-issue M4 weapon platform!

Gear-up with the new 468, and train like you're going to fight. Even if that means an airborne insertion into your next scenario, you'll have the absolute confidence that comes with carrying the 468!

Real Action Paintball - As Real as it Gets!


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