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Airsoft Squared is a social network designed to connect Airsoft players and communities providing providing web-based tools for content publication, scenarios and reviews creation, events and groups management. Our mission is to use web 2.0 approaches to organize Airsoft-related information and promote our sport by structuring local and global stakeholders. More about the Airsoft Squared Company.

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New Releases

2011, 29 September: Airsoft Squared v1.1
2011, 22 July: Airsoft Squared Grand Opening
2011, 4 July: Airsoft Squared hits Beta Phase
2011, 1 April: Airsoft Squared Alpha version
2010, 31 July: Major Announcement: Airsoft will go social in February 2011
2010, 12 July: Airsoft Squared: Phase 3
2010, 10 July: Airsoft Squared Beta program

Media Coverage

Press articles and blog posts reviewing Airsoft Squared services are gathered in the Media Coverage section and selected upon criteria of pertinence and originality of the article and influence of the publisher. All the articles are published with their linkback. This is our way to thank you for supporting us. Unfortunately, we cannot publish all the articles we receive but if for any reason you think your content should be published here, contact us using our contact form.

Arnies Airsoft | Sep. 29, 2011
"Airsoft Squared v1.1 will be going live next week"

Airsoft2Day | Sep. 29, 2011
"Airsoft² (Airsoft Squared) is about to launch their first update, implementing many new features."

Popular Airsoft | Sep. 29, 2011
"For those who are now using Airsoft Squared, there is a good reason to look forward to next week as version 1.1 of the website will be released. So just a few days more of waiting..."

Airsoft Odyssey | Jul. 27, 2011
"Airsoft Squared really does bring a social element to what otherwise would be a collection of reviews, members, events and scenarios and allows YOU to connect with fellow players around the globe."

Airsoft Fiend Club | Jul. 24, 2011
"After more than a year of developments, the Airsoft community has its own social network."

CQB Radio | Jul. 24, 2011
"If you are looking for a place to hear about airsoft from around the world, check out Airsoft Squared."

Sunday Warriors | Jul. 24, 2011
"Un réseau social, une sorte de Facebook / Google + / Linkedin destiné aux airsofteurs."

Arnies Airsoft | Jul. 23, 2011
"Airsoft Squared has officially been released. After more than a year of developments, the Airsoft community has its own social network."

Airsoft BB | Jul. 23, 2011
"Es una red social mas de las tantas que hay? no, ya que esta dirigida a jugadores, equipos y eventos."

Mundo Airsofter | Jul. 19, 2011
"Esta web nos ofrece la posibilidad de compartir reviews, partidas o hacer una página para nuestro equipo. El diseño de la web y su funcionamiento es muy sencillo e intuitivo, y la idea es muy prometedora, pues sería un gran paso adelante para unificar a los Airsofters del mundo."

Airsoft & Hi Tech | Jun. 29, 2011
"Airsoft Squared : le nouveau Facebook des Airsofteurs." | Jun. 24, 2011
"Az ötlet 2009 -ben pattant ki Thomas és Rudy, francia airsoftorült fejébol, mi szerint "milyen frankó lenne má' ha a világ összes érszoftosát összegyujtenénk egy király weboldalon" - na hát hozzá is kezdtek a srácok a melóhoz, eloször a facebook -on tolták az ipart AirsoftHub néven, majd a nem várt nagy sikerre alapozva (több, mint 115 000 rajongó) elkezdték fejleszteni a saját oldalukat."

Airsoft Sniper | Jan. 18, 2011
"The site will be targeted to airsoft players, organizers, field owners, retailers, manufacturers, blogs, magazines and all kind of media. This is good news, as all the people involved in the sport, can meet in one single place."

Green Team Pavia | Dec. 29, 2010
"Airsoft squared: Il social network sul softair al quadrato!"

Warsoft | Dec. 9, 2010
"This really is insanely easy to use considering the power of the content you can produce - animated movies, audio-blogs, tutorial guides or entertaining spoken-letters to distant friends and family."

Popular Airsoft | Dec. 7, 2010
"We are always in support of projects at improving interaction of airsoft community members, and the Airsoft Squared project is no exception."



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