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#ACE - GHK G5 Torture Test

#ACE - GHK G5 Torture Te...

I thought I'd do a quick video of the GHK G5 Carbine being fired in rapid succession with four GHK G5 polymer magazines. It worked well, but due to the cold gas increasing, the G5 stuttered at times, however was more than capable of emptying each magazine without venting any gas.

4 years ago
Guncam Scope Test Sample

Guncam Scope Test Sample

Here is a test of the GunCam Scope solution that I came up with for possible future recordings of Airsoft Gameplay. This idea will be tested further on other camera systems.

Please let me know what you think as this is supposed to emulate what it would look like if looking through a red dot sight.

4 years ago


It has been a while since GHK produced a new Gas Blowback Rifle. Have they lost their touch, Or have they created something that could change how we perceive the gas blowback range?

Check out the full review here:

Epic Airsoft HD is coming back at full throttle!

Epic Airsoft HD is comin...

Rumour after rumour has gone by to when EpicAirsoftHD, the Scottish airsoft reviews channel, would come back and review airsoft guns on YouTube. Well, the rumours are now becoming true as Jai (presenter of EAHD) is releasing new images in wake of what could not only be a reboot of the Airsoft Channel but also the release of what could be the biggest indoor airsoft site in the world.

For more ne...

Latest Epic Gaming Video featuring EpicAirsoftHD

Latest Epic Gaming Video...

I joined the EpicAirsoftHD team as we went airsofting at Gunman Airsoft in Tuddenham. All I can say is that it was an all weather event with sun, rain and light thunder strikes. I ran with my GHK G5 Carbine and my KWA HK45 which worked flawlessly for most of the day. Considering I hadn't maintained the mags of both guns for a while, I wasn't surprised that they stopped performing properly by the e...

SISU Mouthguards - Unboxing Update

SISU Mouthguards - Unbox...

NOTE: This video was not done professionally due to potentially moving house.

Here I have a package from SISU Mouthguards and their innovative product which may or may not be useful to the airsoft community. In this video i will cover the information regarding SISU and what they are offering. I will do testing and review the product on a later video.

Umarex KWA HK45 Video Review - Update

Umarex KWA HK45 Video Re...

On my old channel (MGD Airsoft Channel), I had done a review of the Umarex Licensed KWA HK45. I thought I would update that review with what my thoughts are of the pistol after a year of use. This review is more of an update than an official review and will have more opinions than what my reviews would normally have.

GHK G5 Carbine General Disassembly

GHK G5 Carbine General D...

Here is the second part to the GHK G5 videos regarding the general disassembly and maintenance of the carbine. This video only covers the very basic takedown of the carbine and does not go into detail on specific components of the carbine itself.

If you would like to ask more questions regarding the carbine disassembly, please feel free to comment below.

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