The Line - Open Airsoft Game - Wolverhampton UK

The Line - Open Airsoft ...

Next Open Game - Sunday 2nd July 2017 - Wolverhampton

You really aren't going to want to miss this epic and action packed battle as two opposing forces in deadlock fight it out for ground control!

Hope to see you there or be square :D

Walk on Non Members £30 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Standard Members £25 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk o...

North vs South Airsoft Zone

North vs South Airsoft Z...

"North vs South Festival" - 5th - 7th May 2017 at the Swynnerton DIO (Defence Infrastucture Organisation) Swynnerton. ST15 0QN. Staffs. UK.
The Airsoft gaming area is the AIRSOFT ZONE seen on the map below and is around 100 acres of mixed woodland, scrub land and urban terrain at the Swynnerton Training Area.
This is going to be one airsoft event your not going to want to miss.


4 months ago
Event Update

Event Update

Hi All, just a quick update.
Ticket sales are going great so it looks like it's going to be a fantastic weekend of fun and action.

We're holding a FREE PRIZE DRAW!
# If you have already booked in or book in before March 5th 2017 you will be automatically entered into our free prize draw to win a RIF (winner will be picked at random on the Sunday 19th March) the more book i...

4 months ago

Here is a google maps image of the game zone :)

PripYat The Civil Wars Camping Weekender March 2017

PripYat The Civil Wars C...

Ace Airsoft and Southport Pleasureland bring you a themed and immersive skirmish style weekend with a number of team objectives to complete, actors playing key roles and props to interact with, all set within a theme park and old abandoned zoo over two days of action, plus evening entertainment and a party on the Saturday night.

Camping on the 17th & 18th included in the ticket price.


Operation Cracked - The Easter Egg Wars

Operation Cracked - The ...

Sunday 13th March 2016 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00

# "Operation Cracked" The Egg Wars - Easter Eggs to be won, honest it's no "Yolk"!



Walk On Booking Link:
(Book Online & Pay on the day)

Valentines Day Airsoft Game - Battle of The Sexes

Valentines Day Airsoft G...

Sunday 14th February 2016 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00
"Valentine's Day Massacre - Battle of the Sexes"
Women's Team vs Men's Team

# Cool Simple Games - Objective driven.
PLEASE NOTE: If not enough female players book on to make up a team, we will host our normal epic games.


If you are over 18 please fill in the details for every participant in y...

Merry Krampus - Airsoft Game - 13/12/15 - Wolverhampton

Merry Krampus - Airsoft ...

Christmas is upon us once again. A time for celebration, happiness, cheer, joy and kindness to all......But not for everyone!

An evil so feared in the lands at this joyous time of year has been stirring.

According to local folklore and legend a beast so ghastly that just a mention of his name would send shivers down the spine of the most saintly of children, for rather than giving presents a...

"Long Live The King" Airsoft Game - Wolverhampton

"Long Live The King...

Sunday 4th October 2015 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00

Welcome to Brataslavakia. An ancient land of tradition and culture, now turned into the playground for its self-appointed king and his blood thirsty Royal army.
For years he has murdered, pillaged and desecrated Brataslavakia tearing it asunder. But whispers of revolution can be heard in the corners of this l...

Cry of The Wolf - Airsoft Game - 6/9/15

Cry of The Wolf - Airsof...

Sunday 6th September 2015 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00
"Cry of the Wolf"

With Dr Alexander Wolf dead at the hands of those in power at Brataslavakian government headquarters, his father Vladimir Wolf commander of the Yuktobania military might against the wishes of the Yuktobanian high command sets out with a small yet fiercely aggressive selection of hand picked men to exact reveng...


Bio Ace Airsoft War Games Is a small, friendly and family run Airsoft Site Operator that enjoy holding games for both new and veteran Airsofters alike. Were professional enough to create amazing games yet small enough to care and pay the attention to individuals needs. We operate from a 100+ acre woodland site within the heart of the West Midlands :)

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