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REVIEW // E&L AKM – does it live up to the Buzz?

REVIEW // E&L AKM – ...

When it comes to AK replicas, the East Block community is probably one of the hardest to please. Why? Simply because we look at every small detail and we want our replicas to be as close to the real firearm as possible. We want correct markings, true dimensions, real coatings, russian wood and stuff. Hell, I even want it to smell like the real deal!

Read our detailed review about the E&L Ai...

IWA 2014 // Airsoft Systems ASAR-15 and Magazines

IWA 2014 // Airsoft Syst...

Vladimir from Airsoft Systems is talking about his european made ASAR 15 rifle which is since 2 years in development. Now his product hits the final stage after 10 month of intensive testing and will soon be ready for the market. The glossy coating will be changed/improved before the release. This Airsoft will availble around June 2014.

Watch our detailed video and see all pictures here: http:/...



Tolmar a Slovanian based company showed their latest new products at IWA 2014. We stopped by and talked to the guys.

See our full report at our blog:

IWA 2014 // Gunfire new products

IWA 2014 // Gunfire new ...

As every year, our partner Gunfire show up their current available / or to be released soon top products at the booth on IWA.

We become a big and warm welcome from the guys on spot because we know each other now for a long time. We discuss some things for future projects we plan to do together (don´t want to say too mutch for know) befor we start the walk around the whole booth to see what the...



See our presentation from the CLAW GEAR booth at IWA 2014.

All new products are featured in the two videos we filmed.

See all on our blog:

LBT // Introducing the LBT-2813D Covert Rifle Pack

LBT // Introducing the L...

LBT-2813D Covert Rifle Pack now available!!

Brought to you by a collaborative effort between 2VetsArms and London Bridge Trading.

The CRB, or Covert Rifle Bag, was developed with the mindset of transporting an AR15 (16″ barrel) without the appearance of looking like a rifle pack.

Read all here:

PLATATAC // Limited Edition Pencott pattern SICC belts

PLATATAC // Limited Edit...

Limited Edition Release Pencott SICC belts!!

Hyde Definition Pencott pattern SICC belts are now available in Badlands and GreenZone at PLATATAC.

Read more on our blog:

UMAREX – World exclusive MP7 RAL 8000 / HK417 GBB

UMAREX – World exclusive...

Third day at IWA 2014 starts for us at the booth from UMAREX in Hall 7. As every Year it’s the biggest booth on spot and when you walk in you feel like a little child who first walks through a candy store, if you can remind that feeling from the past! We met with Mr. Fischer and Mr. Pfitzner from the marketing department who showed us around and presented us the latest products available and those...

IWA 2014 // SRC Airsoft

IWA 2014 // SRC Airsoft

SRC Airsoft presented this year at the IWA their new MP41 (SR-41):

The 100 piece Limited Edition comes in a wooden gun case. Beside the gun there are included 4 magazines, 1 sling and 2 magatzine pouches. SRC MP41 (SR-41)

Read more and see our video from the booth:


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