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Assault Rifle Halo MA5D AEG

Assault Rifle Halo MA5D ...

The rifle will not fire until the magazine is inserted. It then show 95 rounds on the digital screen and count down with every shot. As soon as the counter hits 0 it stops firing and requires the magazine to be changed.

The fire selector is also digital, with one button it changes between semi auto or full auto, shown on the screen as SF (Single Fire) or F (Full Auto). There is also an integra...

GBB Conversion Kit for Magpul PTS Masada AEG

GBB Conversion Kit for M...

Beta Project Masada GBB Conversion Kit
All Steel Metal Part / Polymer Lower Receiver
Design for Converting your MASADA AEG Rifle to GBB Rifle
Take Out AEG Lower Receiver (Gearbox Set), Barrel set, Bolt Handle, Hop up set then replace Gas Blow Back GBB Conversion Kit
Package Include Barrel Set, Lower Receiver Set, Bolt Handle Set, Hop up set
Fit for Magpul PTS MASADA AKM / ACR Airsoft Ele...

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Bio AirsoftGOGO is a Hong Kong based company, we aim to bring you the Latest and Top Quality airsoft products. We provide products for Survival Game, Military Simulation, Airsoft Game, IPSC, Airsoft Skirmishing, Shooting Game and War Game. In order to stay on top of today's Competitive and Service demanding business market, it is our Goal to provide DAILY LOW PRICES & TOP QUALITY SERVICES for you.

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