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SureFire: Hostage Rescue - Promo Video

SureFire: Hostage Rescue...

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In this video from SureFire, Former Navy SEAL Dave Maynard leads a team in a mock hostage situation, utilizing the 2211 WristLight and X400 Ultra light and laser combo. Maynard also discusses the function of the lights and tactics used.

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Airsoft Global: WE Apache A2 PDW GBB

Airsoft Global: WE Apach...

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The new addition to WE Airsoft line of GBB Airsoft guns, the Apache A2 aka MP5 A2 is already available from Airsoft Global an airsoft shop based out of HongKong.Made out of Metal and Reinforced Polymer Fiber the Apache A2 PDW comes with an adjustable hop-up, a 45 rounds magazine and fires in s...

Mission First Tactical: TORCH Backup Light

Mission First Tactical: ...

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Mission First Tactical (MFT), designer and manufacturer of AR-15 components including stocks, rails, and grips has just launched its new TORCH Backup Light (TBLW) with dual LED’s.

The TORCH is a low profile, Picatinny mounted, recessed pressure pad activated light designed as backup to a pri...

Blue Force Gear: PLATEminus V2 Pre-Order

Blue Force Gear: PLATEmi...

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The PLATEminus V2 builds on the lightweight performance of the original PLATEminus. The V2 version adds a cummerbund and the ability to carry side plates. PLATEminus V2 is now available for pre-order. Delivery is expected in early May and BFG’s first production runs tend to sell quickly.


SKD/PIG: Bomber Magazine Pouch

SKD/PIG: Bomber Magazine...

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The evil lab rats at Patrol Incident Gear have created a pouch that has all the attributes of a soft nylon pouch, with precisely 45.3 million times the abrasion resistance. Yes, nearly the ENTIRE PIG Bomber Magazine Pouch (BmP) is made with webbing- in most places double layered- making it suit...

ASG: CZ SP-01 Shadow Pistol

ASG: CZ SP-01 Shadow Pis...

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Available as an Airgun C02, and Airsoft (CO2 and Spring), Action Sport Games announce their latest CZ Pistol, the CZ SP-01 Shadow... "Introducing into the ASG and CZ family ranks, is the new CZ SP-01 Shadow. This gun will come out as a Non-blowback Airgun and Airsoft pistol. Those familiar...

Hardcore Hardware: LFK01 Knife

Hardcore Hardware: LFK01...

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The LFK series of edged tools are designed primarily as overt carry, quick & easy to reach, back-up knives with excellent cutting capabilities, where real estate on an assault platform may be limited. The LFK01 features superior strength, maneuverability and is rugged enough to take whate...

Strike Industries: MRDS Cover

Strike Industries: MRDS ...

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The Strike Industries MRDS cover is made from hard, yet fexible, Thermoplastic Polyurethane to increase the impact resistance of the EOTech MRDS. In addition to covering the main body, the cover creates an offset from the MRDS lens, which helps to prevent damage to the lens when mounted to a ...

Whiskey Two Four: Ultralight Chest Rig

Whiskey Two Four: Ultral...

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If you're currently in the market for some lightweight and minimalist chest-rig that allows you to move freely and at the same time allows you to carry the essentials to carry out your mission but you don't want to have to sell a kidney do get it, you should definitely take a look at the Whi...


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