Waypoint: Pick and Choose

Waypoint: Pick and Choos...

Briefing: Team One
We all know that Iran has been attempting to develop a nuclear for some time. We have done what we can to hobble their success, but short of an invasion we cannot actually prevent their success. What we can do, however, is use intelligence to prevent them from smuggling illegal Uranium into their country. Sense they never should have had the material to begin with, they would n...

Alpha & Bravo: conquer, rescue, capture

Alpha & Bravo: conqu...


Two opposing teams fight for the control of 3 zones within the playing area.

Every team is arranged in two equally numbered groups: Alpha and Bravo.

Players in Alpha wear an armband, their mission is to conquer and control the zones.

Players in Bravo support/rescue their teammates in Alpha. Bravo players don’t wear an armband.

Points are scored by conquering the zones and captu...

Bomb Disposal/Disarmament

Bomb Disposal/Disarmamen...

This version is a little more high tech than most. First create, before getting to your field, a 'bomb' using whatever materials you have on hand, make it as elaborate or simple as you wish. Attach a cell phone with one of many bomb apps that are available from iTunes or Google Play such as 'Launch Code', 'The Bomb' or 'Customizable Time Bomb'.
At the field divide your Operators into two or more t...

One-Flag Capture: Full Assault

One-Flag Capture: Full A...

A longer, grittier, dirtier version of One-Flag Capture.

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