Dark Cloud Digital BOLT SOPMOD HydroDip by Black Ops Airsoft

Dark Cloud Digital BOLT ...

A quick look at a Hydrodipped Bolt Sopmod Rifle. The name of the pattern is called "Dark Cloud Digital". Enjoy!

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LWRC | Customer Spotlight - Magpul Upgrades, Tuned Internals

LWRC | Customer Spotligh...

Joe, a customer of ours, stopped by the shop today to get some tech work done to his Airsoft guns. He was kind enough to let us do a little bit of filming on his Classic Army LWRCs so we can show you guys the work we did on them.

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16:00 hr Sale for cheapest BB price online!

16:00 hr Sale for cheape...

16 hour sale on Elite Force 0.25g 5000ct BIO BBs! In-store and online! Visit to catch this super deal before the sale ends today!

BOLT B4A1 SOPMOD Review by Spartan117GW

BOLT B4A1 SOPMOD Review ...

Check out Spartan117GW's channel! He's got some sweet reviews on all kinds of different guns, gear and accessories!:

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Jet DesertFox BOLT B4A1 First impressions!

Jet DesertFox BOLT B4A1 ...

Jet DesertFox gets to test out the BOLT B4A1 for the first time! Let's see what he thinks of it!

Carlos&Flip TimvsBob 5 Gamepod Combat Zone Gameplay Footage

Carlos&Flip TimvsBob...

Carlos and Flip from Black Ops Airsoft join Bob's rebel forces to take on the Tim empire! Check out this action packed gameplay footage at Gamepod Combat Zone!

United States Joint Task Force (Airsoft)

United States Joint Task...

he United States Joint Task Force (Airsoft) is a 46 Team 1260 member MILSIM organization residing in the United States, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, and Spain with a USN Detachment in Japan!

  • Members: 8
  • Category: Teams
Video: Chainsaw & Ares M4 w/ MOSFET zShot SHOTShow

Video: Chainsaw & Ar...

Looks like Ares is coming out with two seriously cool products this year. Ares is introducing a new M4 that has a built in MOSFET system. It'll be the first mass produced and streamlined M4 in the market to include a MOSFET system. Ares and Knights Armament have teamed up to introduce the most bada** light machine gun ever, The Chainsaw!

desert steampunks

desert steampunks

The Desert steampunks have been together for years as a gaming group, started playing airsoft in 2007.
Currently 13 friends in arms, mostly in midland and odessa but also dallas and austin area.

  • Members: 5
  • Category: Teams
Video: VooDoo Tactical booth at SHOTShow 2013

Video: VooDoo Tactical b...

VooDoo Tactical is coming out with a lot of really cool stuff for 2013. They got new colored rifle bags, a new Red Jacket series and a new discrete series.

Hint* There is a giveaway somewhere within the video. You probably don't want to miss out on that!


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