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The Hit!

The Hit!

"A contract has been posted on the head of a certain VIP down at the warehouse, he may be surrounded by plenty of muscle, but if you can take them down and bring back proof, then the reward is yours."

This is a game of hitmen competing over a single target.

The main objective is a single person who is now known as the VIP. This VIP has a single balloon tied to his back, and if that balloon ...

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Bio I am a military enthusiast , I was raised in Boston (hence the call sign Bos), I currently reside and play in Naples FL. My rule of thumb is mind over trigger.

Load out:
Primary- JG M4 s-system, woodland bdu, woodland vest, shemagh, grenades, Motorola walkie-talkie with headset, gloves, boots, glasses, binoculars, leather man, canteen. Note pad and pen, trip wire.

DMR- WELL bar-10 gspec with functioning silencer, too many upgrades to list. 4x16 illuminated scope, bipod, as a sidearm I carry a Tokyo maruy mp5k.

Guns: m700, mp5a6, mp5k, Taurus pistol, ak47 spetnaz, m4.

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