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Cold War: Latin America

Cold War: Latin America

A joint Canadian-American-Uruguayan force must reach an objective zone to retrieve a civilian hostage of value. It is a time of high political tensions within Uruguay, Nationalist and Communist guerrilla groups have been fighting a damaging civil war as part of the Cold War, many neutral civilians had been caught up in the fighting and Spec Ops teams were sent to retrieve them. They...

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Re-Colonization: West Coast

Re-Colonization: West Co...

May 1st, 2026
The Eastern Federation, (Russia, Vietnam etc.) have invaded the West coast of North America including: BC, California, Arizona, Alberta) and the Allies (Canada, USA and China) have to fight back. There is a road that the EF are using to move soldiers into (whatever occupied province/state you choose). This game mode can be played any time, for any amount of time, I just put what I t...


Bio Country: Canada
Kills: 20
Games: 4
E-5 Sgt. in MARCH Canadian Airsoft Team
Part of #OP_SaveGAZA

MARCH Airsoft
Size: 4 (Let me know if you want to join, you don't have to live near us or play with us)
Meaning: Military Assault (and) Reconnaissance (of) Canadian Homefront

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