Echo 1 M240b with box mag and battery/charger.
450 USD

Echo 1 M240b with box ma...

Echo 1 M240b with box mag and battery/charger. Used in my backyard but never in a game. This gun is a monster weighing in at 19 lbs unloaded and 22 loaded. It has a rotating carrying handle, heat shield, retractable bypod, rail space, amazing iron sights, safety, fake charging handle, electric box mag, and a quick change barrel. The battery goes into the stock and uses large type batterys, I run a...

  • by CCFT 2 years ago
2 years ago
We po8  (luger) green gas pistol.
65 USD

We po8 (luger) green ga...

Lightly used we Po8 luger green gascreen blowback gun. Comes with box, gun, mag, and Allen wrench. This gun is great for collectors who actually want to use the gun. It is in the medium size and looks very authentic. Very cheap when compared to a new one at $150. Lightly used and fun to shoot.

  • by CCFT 2 years ago
Airsoft OD Green Sniper Rifle, 60 percent off retail price
40.00 USD

Airsoft OD Green Sniper ...

I am selling this airsoft sniper because I don't use snipers anymore. It is a great gun if you want to try out sniping in airsoft or have a sniper to use part-time. It has 425 fps, and includes a bipod, hop-up adjuster, and a scope. I upgraded the scope to a higher quality than what it was in the box, but it is missing the caps for the calibrators. The scope is not calibrated so you will need to a...

  • by CCFT 2 years ago
Dan Wesson Gold Revolver, 45 percent off retail price
90.00 USD

Dan Wesson Gold Revolver...

Used Dan Wesson gold snub-nose revolver. It is in perfect condition, with no problems. The reason I am selling the gun is because I prefer to use only one sidearm, and I usually use my m1911, so the revolver is used as a backup, but I decided that I dont need it. So far it has only been used for two matches of airsoft, without any problems with the gun, so basically, it is the same from when I too...

  • by CCFT 2 years ago

Bio Casual airsoft player, will sell my guns for low price.

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