Assassin's Arsenal Toy Guns

Assassin's Arsenal Toy G...

The Assassin's Arsenal is known for being the "Bad Boys" of cap guns making it a knock-out punch. These are the cap guns your mother warned you about.
This combo package includes 3 of the finest cap guns we have to offer! Looking for that right gun? You can't go wrong with the Assassin's Arsenal. Real assassins shop at

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Silver Fox Cap GUn

Silver Fox Cap GUn

Don’t let the name fool you. The Silver Fox is a sleek, refined, good looking cap gun that will impress all the younger ladies. Plus it knows what wine goes great with dinner. Kidding about the wine but the Silver Fox will wine and dine anyone that uses it and will keep you coming back for more. This gun shoots up to 8 times in a row before reloading and makes a very realistic sound when fired. Do...

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6 years ago
Unintended Consequences

Unintended Consequences

Stop the irradiated "Experiment" from escaping the lab compound, defeat the security guards and mad scientists, and save the day!

The Setting:

Inside a building.

Preferably a large one, with lots of rooms and corridors, and with woods surrounding it

The Scenario:

An experiment gone horribly wrong has created a MONSTER bent on killing, killing, killing everything in sight! LabCorps...


Bio is all about reliving the good ol' days, when life was simple and easy and every toy box had a dozen cap guns. The sound, smell and look all reminds us of our childhood and will always be America's favorite toy. is constantly updating our inventory of guns with every assortment and style possible. From the popular and ever classic small hand-gun, to the biggest and baddest cap guns legally available.

What makes so unique is not only do we sell the finest cap guns on the web but we're also a community of kids (little or big) that just love holding and firing them. We like to view ourselves as Santa's little cap gun workshop that thrives on providing only the best products around. Plus, we love hearing about the latest and greatest guns and accessories from people like you. Let us know how we at can better serve you, and that kid at heart.

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