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Op Archangel 24Hr E&E

Op Archangel 24Hr E&...

OP Archangel 24 hr E&E With a twist.

Sept 13th-14th 24HR event Site1 Ceri forest.

£35 per person, £10 deposit payable via paypal


Should you decide to sign up to this event as Russian forces then please pm me and we'll add you under a different name.

Spetsnaz Special Forces from alpha group GRU have supplied a lead element of 6 scout sniper teams...

4 years ago
Where are we?

Where are we?

Our site is rather remote and has no postcode but there is a house not far from our site which does have a postcode and we are sign posting our site from this location.


Our Main gates are at coordinates:


Task Force Black Knights Airsoft and Milsim

Task Force Black Knights...

TFBK is a site for the "grownup" airsofter with the focus on serious airsoft and Mil-Sim.

Our aim is to gather like minded groups, teams and individuals who are serious about the sport. With the emphasis on tactics rather than a mindless skirmish.

We are located at a forest near Welshpool and Newtown on the English welsh border and are currently sourcing new locations to bring a v...


Bio I am 1 of 3 Admin members of Task Force Black Knights.

Our site runs "grown up" events for like minded members.

Our site is run for its members and every penny that is taken in sign on's goes back to its members, by prizes for "player of the day", raffles and props to make game play more exciting and realistic.

On site we have working smoke mortars to engage enemy at over 150 meters and a Ex Military Land Rover that will run task force teams to areas around our 1200 acre site for assault, over watch, patrol or protection details.

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