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Bio A guide to Jed's weirdness:

I love having good and clean fun.

I sometimes play tricks on my siblings and cousins as well as my close friends. Ha ha!

I can do a lot of things but there's also a lot of things I don't really know.

I'm a fast learner but I'm very slow when it comes to making choices.

I love Architecture not Archi-torture!

Coffee is the key to 5 straight days without sleep...

I'm a very hard worker but I seldom find work that's really motivating.

I love to eat and cook... But I'm not as skilled as my father and younger brother.

I can play various musical instruments because I'm the only one who can't sing in our family.

I love staying up late at night for work, for fun, for anything but I have problems waking up the next day.

Strawberry (Ichigo) - my favorite!

Black, White and Blue: Color and shades that I like most.

Pens, pencils and paint - gives me what I need to live everyday.

I love dogs but it doesn't mean I don't like cats.

I can swim well but I'm actually quite afraid of deep waters.

I run pretty fast but I like to take things slow... Hmmm!!!

I want to fly because I'm afraid of heights!

I love to watch movies or anime, read articles or manga and go for sight-seeing... Too bad I have a poor eyesight.

I love fast cars and motorbikes; even driving them really fast that I nearly got killed when I took a very sharp turn... I went home with a broken right leg! Ha ha ha ha ha!

I love elevators... They have mirrors where I can have fun making weird faces rather than boringly climb up a stair.

I have a keen memory for details and info! However, there are also days that make me forget what's happening around me.

I tried combining small firecrackers into one big boom! The result, a month without allowance for blowing up our neighbors window panes. Ha ha ha ha! Got my younger brother in real trouble with me!

Most funny and embarrassing moment: I was at Orchard Mall in Singapore chasing after my younger sister. I was running and making my way through the crowd that I didn't notice the glass wall ahead... I leave the rest to your imagination! Hazukashii!

What happens when you leave frying eggs and bacon to answer the phone?

A) A very angry mother
B) Messy kitchen to clean all day
C) Charcoal breakfast
D) All of the above!

I bent a metal fork and inserted it in our 220 volts outlet to study magnets and electricity. After that, it's a week of tasteless soups for meals, a numb body for days and a lesson well remembered!

I'd love to continue but there's no more space and I do believe that it's much better to tell you guys personally...

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