JG AUG A3 Super Spectacular Review Extravaganza 9000!

JG AUG A3 Super Spectacu...

This is a review for the version of the JG AUG A3 which I own, which is the 2010 model. I don't believe it has been upgraded too heavily from then to the newer model, but if it has been, well, you are shit out of luck. Understand? Fantastic, let's begin.

Just a side note before I begin. I do not try and waste your time with fancy and shiny things that have nothing to do with the gun. I te...

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6 years ago
Wayne County Elite

Wayne County Elite

Wayne County Elite (aka WCE)
WCE is a relatively new group, with roots tracing back all the way to an ancient group known as "Wayne County Airsoft Militia."
During the reign of WCAM (May 2011- August 2011), a great many served under its banner. This caused much unrest, and upon the summer of 2011, stress cracks began to visibly form.
WCAM became a ...constant power struggle, several different p...

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6 years ago
Bone Head

Bone Head

The game is based upon a single prop... a skull!!!
If possible, use a fake halloween skull, if not a ball or suitable prop will do.

One team will try to bring the skull to a designated point in the middle of the playing field. This point is a "Pentagram" that will summon a sick ass demon.

If anyone holding the skull is eliminated, they must drop the skull where they stand before going to r...

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