Airsoft Medicine March Podcast is Posted

Airsoft Medicine March P...

Check out the March Airsoft Medicine Podcast!

We give an update on SB 199, discuss how not to connect batteries to the APS PMC AK47, and speculate about TippMann Airsoft.

4 years ago
PDT-Tech Protective Gear Kit

PDT-Tech Protective Gear...

We gave our own style of treatment to the PDT-Tech protective gear kit in our latest video.


More timid beginners or intense CQB players will find this product helpful.

Bob's Rebel Training Camp Review

Bob's Rebel Training Cam...

Airsoft GI conducted a training operation for new and younger players at GamePod Combat Zone in Antioch, CA, on February 8, 2014.http://vaughanmd.com/airsoftmedicine/?p=213

Dr. Airsoft Reviews Airsoft Podcasting

Dr. Airsoft Reviews Airs...

A description of major airsoft podcasts: Airsoft Medicine, Gorilla Airsoft Radio, This Week in Airsoft, Airsoft Milsim Tactical Training, and more.

February Airsoft Medicine Podcast Posted

February Airsoft Medicin...

February, 2014 Airsoft Medicine podcast with a contest to win ESS Profile Turbofan with Cortex Clip goggles, Cetacea Pistol Lanyard reveiw, PDT-Tech review

CrazyNCman Review of the Elite Force 4CRS

CrazyNCman Review of the...

Full Video review of the EF 4CRS by CrazyNCman.

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May Airsoft Medicine Podcast Posted: Airsurance

May Airsoft Medicine Pod...


Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry discuss the ASTM standard for airsoft field operators and the debate between insurance companies and field operators over face and ear protection. They also provide a mid-May update on SB 1315 in California and S 810 in New Jersey. Rate the show on iTunes. See www.airsoftmedicine.com.

GF Airsoft Review

GF Airsoft Review

Check out the video.

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April Airsoft Medicine Podcast on Current Airsoft Legisl810

April Airsoft Medicine P...

Get up to date on airsoft-related legislation currently proposed in 4 US states. Be sure to write, call, and/or visit your state senators if you live in California or New Jersey. Download, subscribe, and share.

BB Choices:

BB Choices:

Hailstorm offers both Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable BBs in a variety of Grams. While their choices of Bios to not get as heavy as some companies, they are superior to most. Sizes for Bios range from .2-.28s (possibly .30s??). Their non-biodegradable BBs range from .2-.36s. We were given a sample of .36 in BLACK (see our blog @ www.merlinsblogspot.com for our experience using them with o...

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Bio Dr. Mark Vaughan was first called Dr. Airsoft on the Airsoftology podcast (episode 7) when he introduced listeners to the medical research done up to that time on airsoft injuries. He is a private practice primary care physician who is residency trained and board certified in Emergency Medicine. He hosts a monthly airsoft podcast program, Airsoft Medicine, with Rangeaster Larry. His love for airsoft combined with his experience with Emergency Medicine and broadcasting naturally result in his work educating airsoft players in medical and safety issues related to airsoft.

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