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ModSquad is a MilSim team based out of Indiana, United States.

Originally founded in 2009, ModSquad has grown into a six man team who travel the United States to play in some of the best MilSims nationwide.

The team is composed of:
-Dragon, Squad Leader / Marksman
-Hrturner, Support Gunner / Sniper
-Eagle, RTO
-Swaisey, Grenaider
-Beastmug, Rifleman
-Assassin, Rifleman

So far, major...

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Bio Veteran airsoft player out of East Central Indiana. I've been playing airsoft seriously for almost three years now and I have owned a variety of AEGs and an innumerable amount of gear since I first started playing. I recently ran Russian loadouts almost exclusively, however a recent game pointed out the flaws of my kit that did not function well. Now I run a mixture of Russian and Western style gear together to form loadouts. I own a Classic Army SLR105 Compact, a Tokyo Marui Tac Master M92, and I have a Classic Army SA58 OSW on the way.

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