FL Airsofter

Videoreview: D3CR Chest Rig von Haley Strategic Partners
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4 years ago
Some of my Gasguns
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4 years ago


Hello dear Airsofters
This is PMC, Private Military Contractors,..... as you know. We like real PMC's and we also like the PMC Style in the Airsoft Community.

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Airsoft Club Rheintal - Team Valkyrie

Airsoft Club Rheintal - ...

A swiss Airsoftclub since 2010.

15 Members at the moment.

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FL Airsofter

Bio Hello
I'm FL Airsofter from Principality of Liechtenstein. I was born 1984, I'm 1.98m high I have brown eyes and hairs. I play airsoft since 2012 and I'm not in a club, so im used to be a single player. Well, that dosen't mean that I always play alone, no, but in my area it is hard to find a club wich use to play in kind of PMC Style (means no camo and so). I love PMC Style really, because it's easier and sometimes more comfortable.

Favourit Airsoft Replica is the KWA KRISS Vector, love that shit!!!

So on thats all about myself.
FL Airsofter

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