4 years ago
Operation Chechin Dragon

Operation Chechin Dragon

OPORD Issued.

Operation Chechen Dragon
SF/ Army LRRS Element

Time Line:
08:15 Staging
08:30 Safety and OP Brief
08:45 Fractions SP out to start points
09:00 OP Start
13:00 ENDEX

Location: George AFB
13995 Montana St.
Victorville, Ca. 92394
34.580561, -117.353833

OPSEC is in effect. Operational Security.

SITREP: (Date of OP)
Task-Locate, Disarm, and rescue Scientist of unknown allegiance t...

4 years ago
Weekend in Hell

Weekend in Hell

In this game there are two teams : the Chinese and the Americans. It lasts from a friday at 5pm to a sunday at 5pm. The teams kill each other by vital rules each kill is worth 10 points. you respawn by going back to a predetermined spot with a notebook (there is one respawn per team) you wait at that respawn for 10sec. Log your death and then come back into play. Some varations give the Americans ...

Pollock Pines - 10-26-2013

Pollock Pines - 10-26-20...

Pollock Pines is a small town in the California Sierra Nevada Foothills, approximately 2,500 ft elevation. The games are held at a church utilizing approx. 10 acres of hill woodland area divided by a wide walking path. The Pollock Pines games are held every two weeks for a total of just around four hours. The atmosphere is very family friendly and the folks that come out are from all walks of life...


Bio By all MEans Ask

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. FOCUS, AUTHENTICITY, COURAGE, EMPATHY, TIMING.
A message to our members:

To see that success relies on a commitment to the service of others and ambition when applied in carrying out that service becomes contagious, you have the brotherhood we call deadcell. It's not a name but an idea, a concept that is unique both in practice and design. It takes the I out of Airsoft and the me out of team, allowing milsim to grow in a new way never thought possible, achieving the impossible. You all are the Tenzing Norgay to a sport yet to reach it's summit. Thank you and congratulations.

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