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GURU's Airsoft Project

GURU's Airsoft Project

Dear colleagues,
we have been working on the Mechbox II with integrated Hop-Up Chamber. It is made of highly tough Duralumin which is well time-tested material. Due to know-how connected with tough Duralumin we can proudly say that it is possible to use very strong springs.

The Mechbox will be compatible with
a) all standard producers of airsoft guns, for example TM, CA , GP. It should fit i...

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6 years ago
Components for L85

Components for L85

Dear colleagues,
we have already been successful producer of components for your guns L85 some years. Now we can offer you wide range of Nozzles:

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Sa.58 by GURU - Detailed information

Sa.58 by GURU - Detailed...

Previous article about our Submachine aroused a big interest. Considering we are completely clear about that matter we can give you comprehensible information. Let we bring it to the successful finale.

Option “Complete at home”

This is the cheapest way. The package contains the most basic components needed for assembling of the gun. You have to know that the gun doesn't have the parts which ...

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Sa.58 by GURU - Official Information

Sa.58 by GURU - Official...

It will take a year and half since we launched first information about upcoming Sa.58. Unfortunately we were fooled by various companies but we do not want neither to give nor to mention their names. It was our fault we didn't wait until the results were known. We didn't have enough knowledge for so much extensive project. In one year and half we've gained rich experience, new contacts; we tested ...

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Introduction: Noise Maker “Woodpecker”

Introduction: Noise Make...

Have you noticed an item Noise Maker by GURU ARMS? Not yet? Let us to show.

The Noise Maker “Woodpecker” means the opposite of Silencer. The use is full legal, of course. This gadget changes the sound of your airsoft gun.

Would you like to know more?
Entire article is on the source website below.

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GURU is now friends with Daniel
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Custom production by GURU ARMS

Custom production by GUR...

We would like to point out the Custom Production in sphere of metal works. There is ability of production any tiny components from one piece to large series of parts - as one chooses.

Further information on the GURU website.

Most favourite product is Custom Production of Nozzles. This item costs about 19,45 $.

The higher volume of production, the lower price.


  • by GURU 6 years ago
GURU ARMS company is searching for the dealers

GURU ARMS company is sea...

GURU ARMS just launch the E-shop and we are searching for the dealers.

GURU ARMS is traditional Czech producer of the spare parts for airsoft guns. Now it is the time to enter the world and offer our products the customers abroad too.

We started an English version of the website where one can buy various spare parts or to make own Cylinder Sets. The parts for guns as L85, SVD Dragunov and mo...

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