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Two Man Group

Two Man Group

Medics: No
Field size: Small to Medium
Team size: The more the merrier
Respawns: Special
Time limit: 30 Minutes

Set up:
Players break into teams of two, and spread out around the field. In the event that there is an odd number of people to start, someone starts as an army of one.

Game play:
The objective is to kill everyone not on you team and to stay alive. Once you get hit, return ...

Waypoint: Cargo Capture

Waypoint: Cargo Capture

At 0400 this morning, an experimental US spy plane crashed over Saudi Arabia. The plane contained both surveillance equipment and footage from over the city of Al Jawf. If Saudi Arabia were to discover that they were being spied on by their allies, it would create unrest in an already taxing environment.

For more playable games and scenarios check out our website at http://www.jactlegion.com/fo...

Waypoint: Pick and Choose

Waypoint: Pick and Choos...

Briefing: Team One
We all know that Iran has been attempting to develop a nuclear for some time. We have done what we can to hobble their success, but short of an invasion we cannot actually prevent their success. What we can do, however, is use intelligence to prevent them from smuggling illegal Uranium into their country. Sense they never should have had the material to begin with, they would n...

TeamRadar: Death Match

TeamRadar: Death Match

Scenario: Attackers
Following the attack on 9/11, America has had a continuous presence in Iraq, primarily for the militaristic purpose of the war or terror, but our presence has also been a humanitarian mission. With government support, military and civilian outposts have been set up on the outskirts of smaller towns to provide water filtration systems, food and medicine. Our humanitarian effort...

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