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We are a group of milsim airsofters out of, Kokomo and Fort Wayne, Indiana. We aim to have fun, but maintain a serious attitude. We are currently working on a home field in Galveston, IN. We are alway recruting.

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I.M.P.A.C.T is based out of southern Indiana (Bloomington Area) and is a MilSim enthusiast group. As a team we always try to promote the Airsoft Community with honor and good sportsmanship. Any differences and disagreements we may have off of the field are put aside during our time as a team.

I.M.P.A.C.T. was founded in the early summer (May) of 1998 by four close friends who discovered a few ...

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ModSquad is a MilSim team based out of Indiana, United States.

Originally founded in 2009, ModSquad has grown into a six man team who travel the United States to play in some of the best MilSims nationwide.

The team is composed of:
-Dragon, Squad Leader / Marksman
-Hrturner, Support Gunner / Sniper
-Eagle, RTO
-Swaisey, Grenaider
-Beastmug, Rifleman
-Assassin, Rifleman

So far, major...

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Bio I am the one and only Joker. I have been actively playing airsoft (and hosting) since 1998. I am one of the founding members of Indiana's oldest active airsoft team I.M.P.A.C.T. I am also one of the founding members of the IAA (of which I am the Admin) and it looks like I will be attempting to start things all over again here with Airsoft Indiana.

I enjoy the Kalashnikov family of weaponry. I currently own 7 different airsoft AKs and over the years have owned just about every brand out there. I am also known for being a decent airsoft sniper due to my sneaky-ness. But I have had many years of practice. You would also be surprised as to the amount of damage I can do with a pistol.

I also enjoy real steel weaponry as much as I do airsoft. I have been shooting literally since I could walk (thanks Grandpa, RIP).

~Joker out....

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