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ASG SLV36- G36C review- Français

ASG SLV36- G36C review- ...

Le Real-Steel (RS) fut développé dans les années 1990 par Heckler & Koch, pour remplacer le vieux G3 de l'armée allemande (la Bundeswehr). Il existe plusieurs versions du G36 : le G36C, version courte et légère pour les forces spéciales, le G36K, version moyenne utilisée par l'infanterie, le G36E, version longue, etc… De calibre 5,56x45mm, il est très léger car fait de polymère. Très versatil...

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Team Ghost Airsoft  Valbonne

Team Ghost Airsoft Valb...

Hey !
We are a team of minor airsoft players. So what ? Or goal is to prove that minors can play as well as adults.
Our seriousness and fair-play is rewarded by invitations to regional MilSim or non-MilSim events.
The Team Ghost was created in 2010. At first we were four players (ages 13 to 14), equipped with $30 spring guns. Two years later, we are 10 players, aged between 14 and 18. Our arm...

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OP: Chêne de Bronze (Bronzen Oak)

OP: Chêne de Bronze (Bro...

La Seconde guerre de Tchétchénie (ou Deuxième guerre de Tchétchénie) est un conflit armé qui opposa l'armée fédérale russe aux indépendantistes tchétchènes du 1er octobre 1999 au 1erfévrier 2000, jour de la prise de Grozny, la capitale de la république, par les troupes russes. Des opérations de contre-insurrection perdurent jusqu'au 16 avril 20091.
Avant la grande offensive russe autour de Grozny...


Bio Hi ! My callsign is Phylos, and I'm the leader of the Team Ghost Airsoft Valbonne, a team of minors in the french riviera (06). We are 10 members, of age 14 to 18. I play airsoft for 2 years now. Our team is often invited to MilSim events troughout the region, gage of our seriousness and fair-play. Our common camo is the modern german army flecktarn, well known for its effectiveness in most woodland evironements.
We have one field, of about one acre, located near Valbonne (30minutes drive from Nice). It serves as a training ground.
I myself own a ASG G36C and a Cybergun spring 1911 (soon to be remplacee by a CO2 GNB pistol).

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