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change into KSK :P
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Devil Dogs

Devil Dogs

We are from Prievidza, small town in Slovak republic.
We are trying to copy US Marines in weaponry, tactics, battle gear and ranks. We are not a perfect , but we are trying. We are activly involved in our country undertakings linked with military, police, war history or rescue units.
Devil Dogs members:

Staff Sergeant Vladimir Madaj
Staff Sergeant Ondrej Pos
Corporal Michal Kozmon

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DSO - Division spezielle operationen

DSO - Division spezielle...

We are Czech troops airsoft association DSO - Division Spezielle Operationen.
DSO consists of the following units, imitate the German Bundeswehr.

DSO units:
3./ Jägerbataillon 371

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IDF Karakal  Airsoft Project

IDF Karakal Airsoft Pro...

Hi everybody
We are airsoft players and reneactors from Czech republic inspirated by IDF

Here is our website

Here is our FAcebook site

Look at our video here.

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3./ Jägerbataillon 371

3./ Jägerbataillon 371

Military airsoftová jednotka napodobující p?chotu n?meckého Bundeswehru. (military-airsoft unit reenacting the infantry of German Bundeswehr)

please visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/BW371 everybody are welcome !!! :)

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Bio I'm member of GSK Gruppe Spezialkräfte Mil-Sim Airsoft unit in Czech republic.
I speak Czech, English little bit Deutsch.
My Specialization in Unit is "Funker/Stürmer" radioman/shoter. I was sniper.
Rank in Unit: Feldwebel
Gear: Tropentarn complet. I like more Trop than Flek :P
Weapons: G36KA2 RIS, G22.
I'm still in progress, and i have to buy and complete lot of things on my gear. Anyway I like how i look, and it's just about litle things which can makes me better.

FB page where we using Engish too, here: www.facebook.com/GSKmilsim

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