Airsoft at the Back Alley CQC

Airsoft at the Back Alle...

This is a video from Back Alley CQC, one of the best sites in Finland! Lots of shooting and a lot of fun!

Sniper Paint Works by Szívós Balázs

Sniper Paint Works by Sz...

Szívós sent us his his homemade paint works for his custom sniper rifles and his M24A1

SpiderWeb cam by Vivax

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KJW P226 GBB CQB action video by RBAirsoft

KJW P226 GBB CQB action ...

Latest video live on youtube, featuring the KJWorks P226 replica GBB. Lots of action and lots of hits. I just love this gun, my first GBB pistol and the one I keep coming back to.

Filmed at Jätkäsaari CQC field in Helsinki - moderated by Back Alley CQC.

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CQC Action Montage - The Back Alley CQC

CQC Action Montage - The...

So back in the action at Jätkäsaari indoor arena. Where the action is fast hits hard and spirits are high. Love this place, and it is fast becoming my favorite place to play at. Again sporting my KWA G18c, and I cannot give better praise to this replica, it is accurate and almost surgical at times. It feels like an extension to your arm (Review coming very soon!) when wielding it around corners.

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5 years ago
RBAirsoft Sniper Scope-cam video

RBAirsoft Sniper Scope-c...

This is the first test of scope-cam rig built for my M24 Classic Army spring sniper. Not really satisfied with it but at least something to continue from. The video was ok, although I did not play a lot with the sniper. But all comments are welcome and if you got any suggestions please send them my way!


Bio Finnish airsoft player since 2009.

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