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5 years ago
Modify Logo

Modify Logo

We'd like to introduce our new logo. You may already see it on some of our new products!!

6 years ago
New GB series Nozzle

New GB series Nozzle

this is our new GB series Nozzle

Tactical Gear-Rifle Stock Ammo Pouch with Cheek Leather Pad

Tactical Gear-Rifle Stoc...

• Made by high density Nylon.
• With a Right Side Cheek Leather Pad.
• Two Velcro Attached Ammo Holder (One Inside & One Outside)
• Inside can fit large Magazine (e.g. M4 , MP5 ,G3 ...) for Backup Magazine or Gear Accessories.
• Attach directly onto most Shotgun & Rifle Stock.
Color: OD/ BDU/ ACU/ MC/ Tan/ BLK/ Digi Woodland

6 years ago
Modular Gear Set

Modular Gear Set

1) We named this gear set SMOOTH, in which it included 6 pcs of 7mm ball bearing inside, so that even you use it on a 6mm gearbox or a TM (6.1mm) gearbox, you could upgrade you gun with a 7mm ball bearing performance.

2) It is PRE-SHIMMED. Compare to Modify Modular Gear set - Bushing type (Version 1), the SMOOTH is fixed on 1 piece of bracket. It's compatible with most Ver.2 and Ver.3 gearbox,...

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Modify Hybrid Inner Barrel

Modify Hybrid Inner Barr...

1st Class Stainless Steel + Aircraft Aluminum Alloy
6.03MM Tight Bore High Performance
Extremely Straight with High Rigidity and Accuracy
Guided by an O-Ring to reduce barrel vibration.
Comes with a Modify 3-Ring Hop-Up Bucking, airtight up!

Part No. Description
HP-03-01 Hybrid 6.03mm Precision Inner Barrel 141 mm for MP5K-PDW
HP-03-02 Hybrid 6...

6 years ago
New product- Modify

New product- Modify

Material: aircraft rubber
1st Class Aircraft Rubber
1) Excellent extreme temperature properties
2) Improved air seal
3) Excellent compression set
4) Superior tear resistance
5) High abrasion resistance

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Hi, everyone, this is Modify from Taiwan.
We manufacture airsoft custom parts and some related products. We aim to produce innovative prodcuts for players!!
welcome to see our website:

Modify bulit for speed and accuracy

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