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5 years ago
Echo 1 m-14 (which I converted to an M21)

Echo 1 m-14 (which I con...

Right out of the box, this gun was great for what I wanted to use it for, a Semi auto sniper rifle, It just didn't have that Ow factor. before I upgraded just about everything with this gun, it was decent. Decent range, ok fps,and fairly accurate, it was good for the call of duty-esque games that my group plays. I had to replace a few parts that were external, but that's what I get for buying a ...

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Bio I have been involved with airsoft since 2008 and I absolutely love it! I am a facilitator in the greater bremerton area. Since the field we use is small, and soldiers are very slim, we stick to call of duty-esque games. high paced action. I have built up 5 sniper systmes, and upgraded several assault rifles. I love working on guns when i get the time.

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