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NFM GARM Combat Jacket & Pants

NFM GARM Combat Jacket &...

(Both jacket and pants): Very good quality, looks and feels sturdy. Stitchings are good and few loose threads are found inside or outside. You can really see the workmanship in the products wich makes a smile on my face. The jacket is slightly lighter in color than the pants, no big deal but it got my attention. The GARM logo is stitched onto the pants on the side pocket flap and on the sleeve on ...


Bio Introduction: I like MILSIM and use and treat the gear and weapons like they were real. Actually, most of my tactical gear and such ARE real.

Some stats:
Number of weapons: 12+
# of in-game vehicles: 1
# of international games attended: 2
# of national games attended:5
# of local games attended: Countless

Club/airsoft history:
-1999-2000: Got my first springer airsoftgun.
-2004: Started airsoft in a airsoft-club
-2008-2009: Mandatory military service. (HMKG Kings guard)
-2009: Club splitted up.
-2009/2010: New club started called GOA.
-Today: GOA member and member of NASF.

-Berget 9. 1st mechanized battalion.
-Berget 10. 21st mechanized battalion. (2000 players)

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