ORCA Industries - Morale Patches and Patch Panel

ORCA Industries - Morale...

ORCA Industries has released their Version 2 Patch Mat which allows for display and storage of your favorite morale patches. It can also act as a hanger for any of your Velcro attached holsters, magazine carriers and other related items. We have also come out with some fun and interesting morale patches!


  • by ORCA 6 years ago
Airsoft Extreme - New Tokyo Marui Items in Stock!

Airsoft Extreme - New To...

NEW! Tokyo Marui RECCE Rifle!

The NEW TM Recce Rifle is now in stock and ready to be delivered to you. This version has too many goodies to list here,

NEW! Tokyo Marui XDM-40 is HERE!

The TM XDM-40 is here and ready for shipment. We also have plenty of extra magazines ava...

  • by ORCA 6 years ago
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