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Honey Badgers

Honey Badgers

We are a team of good players who
focus on tactics and mil-sim operations. We put a large emphasis on
communications and squad dynamics so we can ensure victory. If you are
in good shape, age 14 or above, enjoy mil-sim, and like to be a part of a
fun and dynamic group of airsofters than this is the team for you.

We are a mil-sim squad and therefore require equipment - listed on the website ...

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G&G F2000 licensed by FN Herstal

G&G F2000 licensed b...

About a year ago for Christmas I received the F2000. It was the single greatest moment of my airsoft career. This gun has been true to me for a year with not one issue, aside from the charging handle. I've never even had to open the gearbox. So here is my way of saying thank you to the gun that has never failed me.

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  • Oxiclean
  • Age: 24
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