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We are Manufacture and Exporter for Paintball , Airsoft and Tactical Gloves and Uniform Accessories and Garments ,
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To reach our products in every part of World where people play Paintbal or wargames l and they use our products with good rates and High Slandered products at or
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ShadowNET Airsoft

ShadowNET Airsoft

Established: Unofficially - June 2005 / Officially - February 2010

Headquarters: Coventry and Cranston, RI.

Team History:
ShadowNET has been around secretly and unofficially since 2005, when myself and a friend of mine started practicing in a field owned by my friend's neighbor. We got good, moved well, understood what to do, and had a couple of skirmishes here and there. Nothing major. The...

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Hailstorm Airsoft BBs

Hailstorm Airsoft BBs

If there's any BB Company out there that knows what they're doing with BBs, and who has both the passion and understanding that it takes to make some of the best BBs around, it's Hailstorm Airsoft. Engineered and owned by players, I am proud to have been able to test these .25 Bio-Degradable BBs. And let me tell you, they're beyond impressive.

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KWA USP Gas Blow Back Pistol

KWA USP Gas Blow Back Pi...

Anyone looking for a nice USP Replica, should seriously consider investing in a KWA KP8. The KP8.45 and the KP8c are nearly identical, and having used both, I can guarantee you that the KP8.45 and the KP8c function exactly the same.

Over the course of a year and a half of using it, I put through it at least 1000+ rounds, countless mags and refills on green gas, and it currently works the same ...

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