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BattleArena worldwide finals

BattleArena worldwide fi...

BattleArena is the biggest international airsoft tournament which will take place at March 2nd and 3rd 2019 in Finland. The US will be represented by the Cut Throut Contracting Team from NJ. Athletes from Russia, Finland, USA, Belarus, France, UK, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Kazakhstan, Israel and China will fight for the title of the best team in...

Battle Arena - Season 1, Game 1.

Battle Arena - Season 1,...

We’d like to introduce our project – “Battle Arena”.

BattleArena is the largest international airsoft tournament. The tournament finals are taking place in Finland. Teams from 8 countries participated the Tournament. More than 50 teams from across the Europe fought through the qualification matches for the honor to be a finalist, but only one team from each country had chance to face other t...

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New TAGinn frag grenades

New TAGinn frag grenades

Final tests of TAG-67.
Outstanding! Will be ready for IWA 2016 show.
The next generation, pyrotechnical MilSim device from a "SIM" (Simulative Mechanisms) Series.
Will be available for Russia and EU very soon. US players will have an opportunity to use it in the 2-nd half of 2016.

TAG-15 grenade launcher, Revolutionary device!

TAG-15 grenade launcher,...

The “TAG-15” ™ (GP-30 style) Grenade Launcher. This GL is allowing you to shoot without using any preloaded cartridges like a TAG “Shells” or “BB Showers”, but by directly inserting a 40mm TAG projectiles inside a “TAG-15” riffled barrel. The special “QRC” (Quick Reload Chamber) system, allowing to replace a 12gr CO2 tank just in 3 seconds without any additional tools. The incredible fire rate, ef...

Extremely Funny video by TAGinn

Extremely Funny video by...

This how you should act to take an advantage!

TAGinn Smoke projectile "VELUM" has been done!

TAGinn Smoke projectile ...

The long-story "Velum" projectile has been finished and sent to a mass-production.

Currently "Velum" will be available in a slight "Peach" tone which making a smoke screen less transparent, in the nearest future we will issue a signal smoke projectiles in various colors.

The impressive characteristics for "Velum" are:
Range - 90-115 meters (295 - 380 ...

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TAGinn smoke rounds and a "015 Project"

TAGinn smoke rounds and ...

The TAGinn company just showed what it have mastered for an upcoming season on an “IWA 2015” expo in Nuremberg 2 weeks ago.
There are few new products that has been spotted on their stand.

1. D-boys GP-25 VOG compatible launching device for TAGinn projectiles. The “VOG-Shell” ™ will let the owners of a cheapest GP-25 grenade launchers, to use a TAGinn projectiles. Powered by CO2 gas.

2. He...


Bio The head of russian companys international sales department.

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