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Bahamas Airsoft Association

Bahamas Airsoft Associat...

We are the group that host airsoft matches in the Bahamas at disclosed locations the first and third Sunday of every month.

C.H.A.O.S ( Covert Hostile Assault Operative Squad)

C.H.A.O.S ( Covert Hosti...

C.H.A.O.S. is the elite of the airsoft teams in the Bahamas. Those accepted into our ranks are only the most serious from the airsoft community. Our Member's earn their Beret's!

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Team Deathmatch/ Kill confirmed/

Team Deathmatch/ Kill co...

This is a classic team deathmatch game but with a subtility about the behaviour when you're hit.
The 2 teams have a pack a things (packet of tissues). Each player have one with him at the begininng.
When a player is hit he takes his packet in the hand and count to 20
If an enemy player come to him he must give his packet to him and then get back to respawn
If not he goes back to respawn after ...

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The infection

The infection

guns should be below 200fps.
the close combat weapon can be a knife/sward/stick/baseball bat/hockey stick/ect.

*NOTE: DO NOT USE REAL STEAL GUN/KNIFE/SWORD... use your head, nurf stuff works great!*

there are a couple ways to start, heres 2 ways:
- place everyones name in a hat, and draw 1, 2, or 3 names (depending on what you think is a go...

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The game where everyone wins!

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Hazmat Shuffle

Hazmat Shuffle

One ammo box is placed in the middle of the playing field. Inside is placed a can of soda. This represents a containment unit for a new weaponized virus. Each side must fight to obtain it, then when they capture the box, must get it back to their respawn. The player that carries the box cannot set it down, he can still fight with a pistol or small SMG, or hand it off to another player. The game do...

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VIP Assassination

VIP Assassination

VIP sniper game rules and field ideas.

Sniper/VIP Assassination.
Long game (max 1 hour)
1-2 Sniper pairs (one sniper, one spotter)
1 VIP (Dummy Inflated balloon for head sitting on a chair)
Snipers to assassinate VIP (Head shot with balloon popped)
and make it back to start zone (extraction)
One shot and out for defenders.
One medic for each member of the sniper pairs (bandage wrapped ar...


Bio Call sign: "Recluse" the beast in the bushes.
Rank: Captain of team C.H.A.O.S
also President of the Bahamas Airsoft Federation.

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