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Performance and Impression.

Performance and Impressi...

This pistol comes with a metal slide and plastic body.
Even with the metal slide the gas efficency is quite good with 2 mags per fill with slide lock back afterwords.
This is due to KWA redesigned gas system (NS2/System 7)
The ABS body is solid with no creaks and very little movement.
Trades on this gun are non existing as its an ASG rebrand. However the pistol itself is very pleasing to hold and ...

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Rob published Spokane Airsoft
7 years ago
Spokane Airsoft

Spokane Airsoft

Spokane Airsoft is committed to producing quality events for both recreational and MIL-SIM airsoft enthusiasts in Central and Eastern Washington, Northeastern Oregon, North Idaho and Western Montana. It’s important that we constantly strive to educate the public and law enforcement on the sport of airsoft, and promote the sport in a safe and consensual manner.

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