New reviews coming up in the new year!

New reviews coming up in...

Hey guys,
So as some of you might be aware, I haven't been on here much writing reviews. I am now in a position to carry on my review writing. In the near future you will be seeing reviews about a few new items:

- Hephaestus Custom AK Gen.2 + FG-airsoft NPAS
- Guns Modify Salient Arms International G17 Slide (WE Version Black/Black)
- Ace 1 Arms Salient Arms International M&P 9mm slide &...

6 years ago
Kriss Vector Preliminary Review

Kriss Vector Preliminary...

After a very long wait, KWA have finally released the Kriss Vector! The Kriss was released first in Taiwan around the 18th of December (just in time for "Krissmas"). Being a Brit, I had to wait for mine... The Kriss made it into the UK around the 27th December 2012. Sadly because of the Holiday season, many of those who got first dibs on a Kriss didn't get it until the 2nd or 3rd January 2013. Du...

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New Kit Reviews Coming soon!

New Kit Reviews Coming s...

So, I've recently got confirmation I will be receiving a KRISS Vector and an APS ASR-110 EBB.

I also have an outstanding MP9 review and Madbull Tracer review to do. Like always, I will be testing ALL of these over several game days before writing a solid review of the product.

I have tested the Tracer and MP9 thoroughly and should be able to get the reviews done over Christmas! :) I will be...

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S3V3R published UMAREX MP7A1
6 years ago


The MP7A1 is a Heckler & Koch design. The original NATO PDW design used a HK 4.6x30mm cartridge. The requirements revealed in 1989 called for a PDW with a better penetration power than the standard pistol cartridges at the time. H&K designed and started producing the MP7 in 2001, designed as a direct rival to the FN Herstal P90. Since then the MP7 has been revised to the A1 model to fixed ...

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Reading University Airsoft on Social Media

Reading University Airso...

As some of you may know, I tend to write and publish reviews on this website.
I feel its a very good forum for news, reviews and scenarios. In light of the support I received on this website I decided to branch out to youtube film making.

I am currently the President for the Reading University Airsoft Club (UK based). I am now in the habit of filming games and editing them to produce what I h...

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H.K 3Px4 Hi-Grouping

H.K 3Px4 Hi-Grouping

The Beretta Px4 is a semi automatic weapon that uses a short-recoil rotating barrel. This pistol was designed for personal use and law enforcement. The upper slide and barrel is made of steel whilst the lower half is a lightweight polymer. The rotating barrel is taken from the Beretta 8000 series whilst the operation of the pistol is identical to the M9 series. The lower half uses a large picatinn...

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Bio Student at The University of Reading.
President of Reading University Airsoft Club (RUAS)
Member of the Combined University National Taskforce (CUNT)
All I do is study and airsoft...
My Loadout:
WARRIOR RICAS 7.62 system & 5.56 system,
Custom KSC Glock 34 Race Pistol

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