Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica The Broken Bullets

Associazione Sportiva Di...

The Broken Bullets is a sport association with registered office in Gemona del Friuli, a city in my own region, our association has as goal the diffusion and the practice of airsoft. Born as meeting between friends, it has in a few time became huge and famous. In January we have completed the legalization of our team, and now we are recognized by the CONI ( Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano ) a...

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6 years ago
Recon Vest

Recon Vest

I have buyed this tactical vest because at this moment I needed a vest to complete my italian combat gear....


Bio Hi! I'm an italian airsofter, I love both Colt and Kalashnikov series, and I have owned a huge variety of AEG like AK47, G36C, MP40, M4A1... and I'm going to own an RK12.
I live in the north east of Italy in Udine, near Venice...
I attend Uccellis, a school were english and german are the secondary languages, so I can speak a good english.

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