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1 year ago
Desert Emerson JPC with pouches
100 USD

Desert Emerson JPC with ...

I have an Emerson JPC in desert multicam. It has 2 vector mag pouches, 1 pistol mag pouch, single point sling, all patches come with it (all the patches are in the picture), a utility pouch, and a desert multicam dump pouch. Has only seen one use on the field (I never play).

1 year ago
WE TECH 1911 Hi Capa 7"
100 USD

WE TECH 1911 Hi Capa 7&q...

I have a WE TECH 1911 Hi Capa 7" dragon pistol. I haven't done any modifications on the gun. It has been well kept with proper lubrication can cleaning. Comes with an extra mag.

KWA Kriss Vector With attachments and 2 extra mags.
650 USD

KWA Kriss Vector With at...

This Kriss Vector has seen minimal use on the field and has been well maintained and lubricated. Internally it's sock except for the RA TECH NPAS valve to reduce fps for the field I played on. Externally I have a Angel Custom short barrel extention, a Magpul angle grip, a Modelwork 160mm Rail System, and a magpul CTR adjustable stock with a single point sling mount. It also comes with 2 extra 50 r...

Condor Exo plate carrier with admin pouch (medium)
60 USD

Condor Exo plate carrier...

i got into airsoft 2 years ago. I just now started getting serious and bought this plate carrier, but now when im in game it's just too big on me and need something smaller and more mobile.


Bio just trying to sell some of my airsoft gear and guns to get new and better stuff for myslef

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