GnG Combat Machine LiPo built outdoor arena perfect
200 USD

GnG Combat Machine LiPo ...

So this is a GNG combat machine polymer body. But this one is different from the rest. not only does it have a few nice things on the outside for looks and playability. it also is modded with about 120$ worth of mods. i have a tightbore inner barrel which is actually longer than the ones in most m4's because it is actually from an AK. i put that in there and put a mock silencer on there to hide it...

(WTS) - Combat Machine MK18 MOD1 DST (Custom Paint)
120 USD

(WTS) - Combat Machine M...

For sale is my used Combat Machine MK18 assault rifle. Used it as my backup in quite a few battles, and it has served me well as a primary multiple times as well. Everything works flawlessly - magazines feed well on semi or full-auto, hop-up adjustment is solid, and the extendable stock is nice. Very solid entry level gun or backup in case your high-end primary quits on you. Can even use it as a l...

Airsoft Arsenal for sell (Includes everything) in picture
350 USD

Airsoft Arsenal for sell...

condition: like new

For sale airsoft arsenal
ICS cxp08 concept rifle full metal body 350-370 FPS. Full/semi/safe modes. Uses M4 magazines.

AUG CIV Full length rifle by JG- 370-420 fps. Comes with two magazines. Uses AUG magazines. Built in foregrip (adjustable) Full/Semi/Safe. Like new.

Baretta ARX-160 by UMAREX - 300-330 Full/Semi/Safe. Uses M4 magazines.

Timberwolf Greengas Blowb...

A&K MAGPUL Masada Metal ACR AEG-Black
175 USD

A&K MAGPUL Masada Me...

Selling everything pictured due to lack of use...only used a couple times and no extra time to play anymore, too many hobbies!

Adaptive Combat Rifle System Airsoft AEG by A&K-Masada...very highly reviewed around $250 brand new for just the gun.

As you can see, you get the gun, clip, deluxe case, some airsoft bb's, a great Save Phace mask with 2 sets of integrated goggles, battery, charge...

Aeg m4 combat machine
150 USD

Aeg m4 combat machine

Aeg combat machine, m4QD 6mm suppressor, grip/light with pressure plate handles. Comes with everything shown, plus high cap mag and 9.6v battery.


Bio I'm new to airsoft

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